December 12th, 2008


So after much debating, I've finally decided to do it - start a blog. Several people have recommended this as an avenue to help promote my upcoming teen novel (debuting in Aug 09) - develop a relationship with potential readers - and I guess that could be true.  But a little part of me can't help but wonder, who in the world wants to read about me?? My husband totally supports the idea of me blogging, but truthfully, that's probably because he's thinking if I blog to the world I won't blab on endlessly to him.

To introduce myself: I'm Jen.  I'm a Jersey girl who has been transplanted (by way of marriage) to the north Georgia mountains.  I know, most people say, Georgia has mountains? But it does - in the tippy top of the state, not far from the Tennessee and North Carolina border. It's beautiful here with a gorgeous lake and a quaint downtown with a classic white gazebo, very reminiscent of The Gilmore Girls' Stars Hollow.  And it's taking me some time, but I now feel comfortable in a small town.  But I do admit, sometimes I miss those Jersey malls.