December 16th, 2008


It's interesting to see people's reactions when they find out I have a book coming out next summer.  To some, I guess it's seems a little strange - I have a chemistry degree and I'm a practicing optometrist and now I'm writing teen fiction?? But those who know me well, know that I've always loved books (I'm always reading at least one, but usually two books at a time) and I have a creative side that needs to be expressed.  I've spent time taking painting classes and doing craftsy stuff, but I always kept coming back to the idea of writing.  It seemed so overwhelming, though. I'd have all these ideas floating around in my brain, but the idea of trying to get the thoughts down on paper, in a coherent and interesting way, seemed near impossible. And I had no experience.  I had taken all science classes in college, what did I know about constructing a novel?  So, instead, I talked about it.  Like, don't you think this would make a great story... or Oh listen, isn't this the funniest scene...I think my husband was getting real tired of listening to my never ending ideas so one day he looked me square in the eye and said, Stop talking about it and just do it.  He also bought me a lap top which was so nice but also smart because once I knew he had invested money in my dream I felt a little more obligated to at least try.  And so I did.  I started, one day with a blank notebook (yes, I write long hand) and an idea.  And I wrote, word by word.  And slowly, with patience and persistence, a novel started to emerge.