December 17th, 2008

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Yesterday I talked about starting to write LIPSTICK APOLOGY and I mentioned that I write long hand.  Of the few people that I know are reading my posts, almost all commented on this. (I think there was an audible gasp heard across the internet lines). But yes, it's true. I guess my writing style is a bit unconventional all around.  I think it mostly developed out of a complete lack of time.  I mean I would love to sit and have three hours at my desk to write, but let's face it, that just didn't (and doesn't often) happen.  Now that I have an agent and an editor and actually got paid for a book, it's a little easier to justify getting a babysitter for a few hours, but when I first started writing I didn't know if anything would substantiate, so I sort of did my writing in spurts.  I did most of my plotting in my head. I swear.  I would be at the park with Sam or pushing the stroller and I'd be thinking up scenes in my head.  Then I'd jot a few key words down on a post it.  After a few post its accumulted I'd grab an hour while Sam napped or at night and quickly scribble what I could into my notebook.  When I'd complete a few chapters then I'd sit down at the computer and transfer my work.  I read somewhere that Mary Higgins Clark writes long hand and her husband types it all up for her.  Now I have to chuckle at the visual of my husband typing my work because by the time I hit the computer my notebook is such a disaster.  I have arrows pointing from one page to the next where I've changed order or added text in.  I have post it notes sticking everywhere and sometimes with just a key word to remind me of something.  I could just imagine my husband diligently typing, calling over to me this note says "Trent -virgin hair"  what does that mean?  Yeah, somehow I think Mary Higgins Clark must be a little more organized than I am.