December 22nd, 2008

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We've had so many holiday parites lately and I've found myself in an interesting position.  Each time I'm at a party someone comes up and asks about my book (which is thrilling) and then they tell me they can't wait to read it or have their daughter read it etc.  And while I'm totally flattered that they are interested and so touched that people want to support me, suddenly I'm finding myself feeling very naked.  Like when I wrote this book, I imagined people reading it, of course, I just didn't imagine people I knew reading it.  And suddenly I'm freaking out.  Like what is the lady from church going to think when she reads the scene with the water bra? Or the scene with the really horrible school prank and people are going to think I'm so mean because I could come up with such a terrible prank.  Seriously, the paranoia is totally setting in.  I understand, now, why people say when you write you have to get Aunt Edna out of your head because it really can wind up sensoring what you put down. The funny thing is, thankfully, I didn't worry about any of this when I wrote, maybe because I never really thought it would get published.  So I wrote the story I wanted to tell without writing it worried about how others would percieve me.  And that, I guess, is a good thing.