December 23rd, 2008

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I'm having a bit of trouble with keeping to a routine lately.  I've always been a morning person. Not a get up at 5am kind of a person, but I feel I'm most productive earlier in the day, as opposed to waiting until the kids go to sleep to do stuff at night.  Now when I was writing Lipstick, Sam was still cranking out a two hour nap each day so I dedicated one hour everyday to write. this was perfect until, of course, he gave up the nap.  But then he started preschool three days a week, so through the fall I've had a nice routine where I'd get up, get him off to school and have a few hours in the morning to get stuff done. (Permitting my baby was cooperative).  But lately, Miss Izzie has not been sleeping well. It started two months ago with a head cold that kept her up all night, followed by teething and now, I'm guessing just a complete messed up schedule. So routinely she's not going to bed until midnight, then waking up one, sometimes two times a night.  She'll sleep until 9am, but too bad Sam is up at 7am.  So suddenly I'm all groggy and delirious in the mornings. I don't do well with sleep deprivation and lately I feel like I can't even think until I've had two cups of coffee, showered and dressed and by that time, Sam's ready to be picked up. So, basically, nothing is getting done around here. And this is frustrating to me.  All I can hope is that after the holidays and travel things will settle down and life will settle back to normal. Well, my definition of normal and the world's definition of normal may not exactly be the same.  But I'll take it.