January 5th, 2009


I know I've posted about how my baby hasn't been sleeping. First it was teething, then a head cold, then travel for the holidays and let me tell you she's all off-schedule.  I feel bad for her, the poor thing is so congested she just doesn't want me to put her down, but as I'm holding her all night (Until 6am Sat night!) I can't help but getting a little whiny.  I'm never going to get my thank you notes written! I'm so delirious I'll never be able to work on book 2!  Then something happened.  I got the call I've always known was possible, but somehow I managed to think would never happen.  It was my good friend.  He is sick.  After a year and a half of remission, the cancer is back, in his brain.  He's going to start radical treatment immediatley.  He has a seven year old son.  And all at once, I felt like a self-absorbed, ridiculous fool.  Here I was wishing it away - the time I had with my baby, my family - when some people would give anything for the guarantee of time.  And it gave me a whole new perspective.  The thank you notes will eventually get written.  And some of my funniest scenes in Lipstick came from the delerium after sleepless nights with Sam.  So as I rocked Izzie to sleep last night I vowed a  new New Years Resolution: No more trips to negative town.  Remember perspective.  Then she slept.  Nine glorious hours.