January 12th, 2009

Back up those files!

We have a friend of the family who writes a column for the newspaper. He's been collecting all his old entries and collaborating them for a book. (How very Carrie Bradshaw, I know, but these articles are all together different!). Well, this past week, his computer blew.  And he lost all his work.  I naturally assumed he had backed everything up, but he had not. Major crisis. The good news: he had someone work on his computer and he did recover everything. The bad news: it cost him a thousand dollars.  A thousand dollars!!  If this happened to me it would be a thousand dollars for the computer and a thousand dollars in anxiety meds and therapy to get me through the crisis.  But I do back my stuff up on a flashdrive.  I used to leave the flashdrive in my desk drawer until someone said what if your house burns down, so now I leave it in my purse.  I may be a little neurotic, but at least I know I'm not going to lose anything.