January 15th, 2009

back at the office...

So after an eight month maternity leave, I'm back at the office.  This is sort of a trial run, since I only committed to help fill in for a few days while they are short staffed.  I'm an optometrist and I've been at this practice for nine years and I love it.  Since I had my first child, I have just been working one day a week which has been perfect, but I've been hesitant to return after having my second baby.  The problem? First, the office is located an hour away from our house - and that's really far when you have two small children. Second, our fantastic babysitter is no longer available - and having a reliable and wonderful sitter is so hard to find!
So I was a little worried about leaving the kids, being so far away and adjusting to the new computer software system the office changed to while I've been gone. Then in walks one of my first patients and he says, "ah, so good to have you back, you're my favorite obstetrician." Now I know it can be confusing: optician, optometrist, ophthalmologist - (we have several of each working at the practice) but obstetrician? I was tempted to say "Well, drop those Wranglers to the floor and put your legs up in the stirrups!" Ah, but I restrained. :)  It's good to be back.