February 2nd, 2009


My husband is a huge football fan, although more college than pro, so over the years I've learned to appreciate a good football game. And last night's superbowl was great - dramatic and unpredictable.  Although I didn't have a team favorite, it was hard not to root for Arizona after hearing the stories about their quarterback, Warner.  (this is how I am, I much prefer the back stories of sports to the actual sport itself.  this is the only way I tolerate watching golf - knowing that a certain player just had a baby or whatever)

So anyway, this Warner guy didn't have a straight shot, clear path into the world of football.  He actually spent time working as a stock boy in a grocery store - which is where he met his wife.  They are still married and he is dedicated to her special needs child from a previous relationship.  How can you not root for this guy? In today's world where celebrities are crowding rehab facilities, divorcing at record speed, photographed with bad behavior - isn't it nice to have a media figure who struggled to make it and kept loyal to those who stood by his side through the journey? It's a shame he didn't win a superbowl ring, but in my mind, he's already a winner.