February 4th, 2009

Blue Jeans and Life

I finally cleaned out my closet the other day and that was quite a job.  My best friend says I've been on a quest for the perfect pair of blue jeans since birth and she might be right.  I remember back in high school when jeans were still high waisted and oh so not flattering - I would buy guy's Levi's to achieve a low rider waist then taylor the legs.  Seriously.  Anyway when I was clearing out my closet I tackled this enormous pile of jeans, determined to get rid of some.

A few years back the world (or at least InStyle) became as obsessed with jeans as I am and I was oh, so willing to try all the different brands they recommended thinking maybe just maybe that perfect pair of jeans would make my butt look as good as Giseles and then my life would be perfect.  But the funny thing is, as I sorted through my big pile I realized that the jeans I wear most often, the ones that I get the most compliments on, is an unknown brand, inexpensive pair of jeans I got at the Junior's department of Macy's. 

And isn't that how it is in life? The things we really build up in our minds never turn out to be as life changing as we imagine.  That perfectly coiffed stylish mom that you see occasionally who you thought would become your new BFF never really materializes, but rather it's the co-worker or occasional aquaintance who you talk to at first occasionally, then regularly who becomes the friend you couldn't live without.