February 9th, 2009

It's all about who you sit next to at a party...

A few weeks back I was at a party where I met a very nice woman.  We wound up talking for quite and talk turned to work and I mentioned that I had a debut teen novel coming out this summer.  She casually says, oh, one of my very close friend's daughter writes teen novels.  I asked who it was.  Her name is Lauren Myracle, have you ever heard of her?  Um YEAH! Like NY times, best selling, Lauren Myracle? I clarified.  Indeed it was.

So yesterday I'm grocery shopping and my phone rings. It's the nice lady from the party.  She tells me that Lauren is going to be in town because her sister has a debut book signing - her family is having a coctail party, Lauren would be there and this nice lady would love for me to accompany her to the party so I could meet Lauren Myracle. In this day of social networking, it might be good for you, she said.  So after I picked up the groceries I had dropped on the floor I asked her when it was.

Of course, it's my luck that the party is tonight and my husband is skiing in Utah, my babysitter is with her daughter who just gave birth and my mother in law is committed to a class at the church. *thinks for a minute* Maybe I could bring two kids??? they are very sweet??? 

It stinks, that I can not go, but to look on the bright side, nice party lady promised to mention me and is passing along a hand written note and my ARC.  And isn't it nice to know that mega- best selling teen author Lauren Myracle will get to hold Lipstick Apology in her hands?