February 13th, 2009

Why is the fish floating upside down, Mommy?

Oh to hear those words: why is the fish floating upside down, Mommy? Especially when the answer is, Um, because I forgot to feed him? Of course this was not what I said. It was something more along the lines of, Oh, poor fishy!

But seriously, the pet situation has gotten out of control around here and honestly I'm surprised it took this long to have a casualty. I just can't keep up.

First we have Mimi, our bulimic cat who sits in front of the cabinet and begs for food all day until I finally give in to the second helpings. Then she proceeds to go upstairs and throw it all up on my cream carpet. You'd think I'd stop indulging her but I seriously can't take all the meowing.

Next we have Freddy, the frog who after a week of not eating the reptile pellets, the pet store owner declared he was persnickity and would require that I feed him twelve live crickets each week. Seriously.

Then we have Bitty, the sweet stray Boston Bulldog who showed up shortly after we moved in. So we let her hang around, feeding her and playing with her until we noticed, she was, in fact pregnant. And then there were five: Bitty, Ming Ming, Shamskey, Aquagirl and the Pest. Do you know how time consuming (not to mention expensive) it is to vaccinate, neuter and feed five dogs?? But honestly how could you say no to this: