February 25th, 2009

fortune cookies

About a year ago we ordered chinese food and my particular fortune cookie declared "you are the little engine that could, keep plugging away." Of course I thought this was a direct sign telling me to keep working toward publication of my book. (I often think random things are signs specifically directed toward me - it might be a little bit of a sickness.) Anyway, I pinned that fortune up on my corkboard behind my computer and there it stayed.

So the other night I get another interesting fortune cookie - "Your hard work is about to pay off!" Of course, again I began deciphering all the ways this could be applied toward me - maybe my first book will be reviewed well, sell well. Maybe my second book which I'm knee deep in writing will be loved by my agent and sweeped up quickly from a publishing house. Maybe all the time I spend nagging my kids to use manners, clean up after themselves, be nice will pay off and I'll have kind, respectful children. I don't know, but this fortune seemed promising for so many aspects of my life, because who doesn't work hard every day at whatever it is they do? and isn't it nice to know that just maybe all the hard work will pay off?