March 20th, 2009

baby proof

Here's a sure sign your house is not adequately baby-proofed: Your eleven month old is chasing the cat with the Windex bottle.  Not good.

At first I was kind of marvelled, like wow, that takes a lot of manual dexterity to pull the trigger. . . .Then I realized, hmmm, this is sort of a problem.  Must baby proof the cabinets.  I have bought the stupid little latch things like a month ago, but it requires tools! And precision! - you have to line stuff up! yuck. I'll bug husband to do it this week end.

In the meantime I used a rubber band to secure the cabinet handles and create a make-shift lock.  Daughter was not pleased as she stood in front of the Windex cabinet and hollered.  Then my  little pumpkin rummaged through her brothers toys and chased after cat with a Star Wars light saber.  Then it was my four year old's turn to plant hands on hips and holler.