April 15th, 2009


The other day on my homepage msn.com there was an article about dreams.  I always find dream analysis so interesting - like what exactly was my mind thinking about??  I remember one time reading or hearing that when you dream about a certain person or event from the past, it's not that you miss them necessarily, but rather that something in your life triggered an emotion similar to what you felt when you were with that person.  Interesting.

The dream that I have most often - although I haven't dreamt in a long time - is that my teeth are falling out.  Weird, right? I have a good friend who frequently dreams that her hair is falling out.  So we just assumed that we were excessively vain, but no - apparently dreaming of crumbling or losing teeth or losing hair is an indication that you feel a loss of control in your life.  I think that's so interesting!  And why was this dream so prevelant in my college years but not now? Sure, college was full of uncertain times - life decisions, crazy relationships but now - now my life is certainly out of control - my life is run by a four year old who makes me pretend to be a dinosaur and a baby who dictates when I'll get to sleep.