April 27th, 2009

birthday party

My little Butterball turned one, I can't believe it. We had the most perfect weather for an outdoor party - beautiful blue, cloudless skies, eighty five degree temps and a nice breeze. I've come to find that children's birthday parties can be a really big deal. Some kid celebrations are super-elaborate parties with major themes and decadent food and decorations. I remember watching on T.V. (The Starter Wife, I think) about a toddler birthday party with a Japanese theme complete with tea gardens and kimonos and the whole shabang.

But it's not just the upper crust - many of my friends have gone all out with kid celebrations. My one friend near Boston rented out a room at the museum when her son turned four! And another friend of mine had heart palpitations before her daughter's birthday party. Seriously! Me, I like to keep it low maintenance. We do parties at the park, or cook-outs at the house. And everyone seems to be just fine with that.

So here's my girl, her pink poodle cake and cute polka dots at her celebration.