May 1st, 2009

My life is like a Seinfeld episode

Remember that Seinfeld episode where George receives a keychain from George Steinbrenner that says "Holy Cow!" and by accident George drops it in the pothole? And every time a car drives over the pothole the keychain screams "Holy Cow!" Well....

A few weeks ago I got my son a Happy Meal and the toy inside was a Kung Fu Panda doll. The panda responds to motion and every time you shake or move the panda it screams a karate chop "Hiiiiigh YA!"

So naturally, the panda has become lost in some abyss in my car. Seriously, I've looked under the seats, in the side pockets and I can not find this stupid panda. And every time I make a turn the panda screams "Hiiiigh YA!" In my seven minute drive to preschool I endured eight karate chops. My baby thinks it's hysterical and claps her hands in glee. I, am slowly pulling my hair out. Needless to say, this weekend, it's me against the car until I extract the darn thing and toss it. Maybe into a pothole.