May 16th, 2009


Today on the blog tour I'll be interviewing Sarah Cross, author of DULL BOY.

About Dull Boy

Superpowers are awesome -- unless you actually have them, like Avery does. There's only so much he can pass off as "adrenaline" before people start to get suspicious. Probably it's best to lie low, so guys in white lab coats don't come to carry him away, to find out what makes his freakish body tick. Who wants to be vivisected? But flying under the radar becomes a whole lot harder when you can actually fly. It's dangerous to be different, so for now he'll pretend to be normal, unremarkable Avery -- a dull boy -- anything to keep his secret safe.

What he doesn't expect is the horrifying truth about where his powers came from, who else might have them, and the madness of one villain's plan to turn this superpowered dull boy into something even more powerful and amazing.

About Sarah Cross

Sarah Cross has saved the world, like, five times since fifth grade -- and you didn't even notice. Learn her secrets at

On to the interview:
Me: Welcome, Sarah, thanks for stopping in. Congratulations on your debut! First question: What competes for your time and how do you manage to give writing the appropriate amount of time it requires?

Sarah: Everything. There is never enough time. I always want to write MORE. Pesky body, needing sleep and fuel ...

Me: What is your writing routine? Do you outline or write as you go? Do you fully sketch and develop your main character initially, or get to know him/her as you write?

Sarah: I outline, then veer outside the outline, then re-outline ... and so on. ;) I start writing when I *think* I know the main character, but as I write and add more detail, I end up going back to the beginning and making the MC more himself (or herself).

Me: What do you particularly love about the setting you portray in your book?

Sarah: It's an "Everytown"; it could really be anywhere.

Me: What actor or actress do you imagine playing your main character in a movie or T.V. version of your book?

Sarah: I've never come across a young actor and thought he would make the perfect Avery ... so maybe someone new.

Me: Great! Thanks so much and congratulations again on your debut!

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