May 20th, 2009


I was reading a LiveJournal friend's blog (  and I laughed out loud at her story of shopping at Old Navy. Turns out while in the dressing room she realized she was trying on a shirt as a skirt. So, so funny.  But it begs the questions - does there come a point when maybe you become too old for certain stores?

I find this oddly ironic since last weekend as a fabulous mother's day gift I went shopping all day by myself. No stroller, no kids whining for food court treats. And, browsing for ME - yeah!  Now when I was working more I always shopped in classic/conservative stores and still love the clothes from Ann Taylor etc but now that the majority of the time I'm home with my kids, I just hang in casual attire. And these kind of clothes I get. . . in the junior's department.  I don't know maybe it's because I'm vertically challenged and most of the junior stuff doesn't need to be hemmed. But as I was in the dressing room trying on some capris and tees the girl next to me called out in her sugary sweet voice "Mommy can you get me a new size?" And that gave me pause...

In other news, as my book two is out with my agent for review, I've been taking a break from writing and catching up on a lot of reading. Also ordered a bunch of books for our upcoming beach trip (I love how I assume I'll be reading on the beach when in fact I'm sure I'll be building sand castles and chasing my baby. oh well, nice to dream!)