June 10th, 2009

TV interviews and why I need a muzzle...

On Monday I was interviewed for a local TV news channel (ETC 3 if you're in the North Georgia area).  The interviewer was a super nice guy and really put me at ease, but still, these kind of things make me nervous.  (who wouldn't be nervous?) And unfortunately, when I'm nervous, I tend to babble.  I've already mentioned my tendency toward being animated and dramatic, so combine that with babbling and well, things can get a little crazy.

So when the interviewer said "Tell me about your book", I told him the general plot.  Then I added, "while the general idea and message of the book is serious, the tone and writing style is just like my personality - light and fluffy." UM, DID I JUST EQUATE MYSELF TO COTTON CANDY??  Why, yes.  Yes I did.

I swear, this is so typical of me.  This is why I loved the movie "Legally Blonde".  Poor Elle Woods, she really is smart, but everytime she opens her mouth she says something like "whoever said orange is the new pink is seriously deranged" and people assume she's not the brightest bulb. 

The show airs tomorrow.  Let's hope for edits!