June 26th, 2009

Loss of two icons

What a sad day it was yesterday. 

First the news that Farrah Fawcett had lost her battle with cancer.  Farrah had such a huge influence in the seventies - not only empowering women with her role in Charlie's Angels - but the fashion! the hair! Her blonde feathered bob was to my mother what "the Rachel" was to me.  I clearly remember my mom wearing a tight white suit, her shoulder length blonde hair winged back and frozen with Aquanet.  And my first college boyfriend had that iconic poster of Farrah in her red bathing suit, long blonde curls cascading down her back, plastered on his dorm wall - above the bed.  I remember saying to him "that poster is so old! why?" and he just looked up at the picture and smiled.  She was an icon. She never got old.

Then, all the news of Farrah was overshadowed by the sudden death of Michael Jackson - probably one of the biggest icons of our generation.  You know, with his ever changing apearance and all his bizarre behavior, it's easy to forget how really amazing his music is.  With all the news coverage his old classics were playing and I just stopped and thought, wow, he really was a musical genius. I guess that's why he is the king of pop. I don't think it would be a jump to say he influenced just about every R&B artist out there and forever changed the landscape of music videos.

May you both rest in peace.