July 1st, 2009

Jabaley's Law

On the day that you actually iron your clothes, curl your eyelashes, let your son use your make-up brushes to paint the mirror and let your daughter fling every article of clothing out of your drawers so you have a minute with the flat iron, it will be a ghost town. You will see no one and all your efforts are for naught.

But the day that you're a sweaty beast from blackberry picking in the heat wave, your hair is both a combination of frizzy from humidity and flat from sweat, your total waterproof mascara has bled down your face to form big, black football player smears under your eyes and you swear you're just popping into the grocery store to grab milk, you will indeed see every single person you've ever met in your entire life.  And they will all look at you with a slight cock to their head and say, Gee, you look a little tired.  And you want to say, that's not undereye circles, it's my mascara, but then you think, you know I am tired. The kids are sleeping but now the dog keeps waking me up.  So you shrug and say, Yup, a little tired.  And you vow to stash some make up remover in your car for future emergencies.