July 13th, 2009

Prada and Prejudice in Time Magazine!

I did a blog tour about the YA novel, PRADA AND PREJUDICE, a few weeks back.  This book and author are special to me for several reasons.  First, Mandy and I share a publishing house and editor.  Second, if you are not familiar with Mandy's publication journey, you need to go over to her website www.mandyhubbard.com and read about it.  She rewrote her manuscript like fifteen times before it was accepted. She is truly the queen of perserverance. Finally, it was Mandy who introduced me to the Debutantes of 2009 - the group of debut authors on LiveJournal and she also encouraged me to start blogging.

So I'm thrilled to tell you that last week Mandy's book was featured in TIME magazine! A complete surprise to author and publishing house - there was a photograph of Abigail Breslin (from the movie "My Sister's Keeper) reading PRADA AND PREJUDICE!  What an amazing endorsement!!! Naturally, this week PRADA's sales rank on Amazon has gone through the roof.

I'm so thrilled for Mandy and hope the excitement and buzz around her book keeps building!

PRADA & PREJUDICE by @MandyHubbard http://bit.ly/qTdjm featured in TIME Mag's 7/13 issue - http://bit.ly/6zAic