July 20th, 2009

Fairy Tale

Today on the blog tour I'll be interviewing Cyn Balog, author of FAIRY TALE.

About Fairy Tale
Morgan Sparks may be just a sophomore in high school, but she already has it all. As the school psychic, her ability to predict futures has made her the most popular girl in town. She has her own entourage of freshmen hanging on her every word. The varsity football team has named her their lucky charm. And on top of it all, she’s attached at the hip to, and destined to forever be with, the most scrumptious hunk of man J.P. Stevens High has ever seen—her next-door neighbor and varsity quarterback Cam Browne. They are going to be together forever, her future is already set in stone…

So maybe that’s why Morgan has always had one rule: Never look to far into her own future. But suddenly, a few weeks before her Sweet Sixteen party, that’s all she can think about. Why is Cam acting distant? Who is the strange “relative” that shows up on Cam’s doorstep late one night? And above all, why, in her visions of her own future, is Cam nowhere to be found? The Cam she grew up with, her best friend and the boy she thought she knew positively everything about, is slowly drifting away, though nothing in her visions can explain why.

Neither Cam nor Morgan can understand, but Cam’s strange “cousin”, Pip Merriweather, who showed up unannounced on his doorstep a few days before, has the answers. Pip claims that as a baby he was stolen and replaced with a sickly fairy, sixteen years before. But that sickly fairy didn’t die… Cam didn’t die. And now the fairies want him back.

About Cyn Balog
Cyn Balog is a normal, everyday Jersey Girl who always believed magical things can happen to us when we least expect them. She’s also the Race & Event Manager for several national fitness magazines. She lives outside Allentown, Pennsylvania with her husband and young daughter. Both are 100% human, or so she thinks. FAIRY LUST is her first novel.

On to the interview:
Me: Hi, Cyn, welcome! Thanks for stopping by, especially when you're nine months pregnant and due any minute! first question:  What competes for your time and how do you manage to give writing the appropriate amount of time it requires?

Cyn: I don't think I give writing the appropriate amount of time; it's really not possible for me. Half the time I think I am only writing with 2 of my brain cells, the rest are focused on something else. That's because I have one toddler, a baby on the way, a husband who works 80 hours a week, and a full-time managerial job. So I maybe write a couple a minutes a day, if I am lucky. 

Me: Wow, and I thought I was busy!  What is your writing routine? Do you outline or write as you go? Do you fully sketch and develop your main character initially, or get to know him/her as you write?

Cyn:I just barrel right in there. I have an idea where I want things to end up, so halfway through, I start sketching out the scenes, briefly, to take me there. I am not a big plotter.

Me: What do you particularly love about the setting you portray in your book?

Cyn:It's where I grew up!

Me: What actor or actress do you imagine playing your main character in a movie or T.V. version of your book?

Cyn:I think most actresses of today are just too textbook-pretty to play Morgan. She's very average, not too thin, has a distinctive Italian nose... so it's hard to think of an actress today that would fit that description. I would hire a new actress ;)

Me: Perfect! Thanks for stopping by, Cyn and good luck with the debut of FAIRY TALE!