August 7th, 2009

How I spent my Debut Day

Yesterday my debut YA was released! Since I'm planning my metro Atlanta bookstore invasion on Saturday, I was uncertain how to celebrate this monumental day. So I just decided to make it a relaxed day of pleasure.

First I took my son and daughter to the park and then we went for a long walk. We all got big, messy ice cream cones and let the sprinkles collect on our chins. We came home and I found this:

I fielded a bunch of phone calls and emails of friends telling me where they had spotted my book. Then the mail came and I received this:

It is an article about me and my book that was in an optometric journal and my good friend mounted it in glass on a plate. It's so awesome (he's way talented with stuff like this - check out his site: )

Then we went to a swim party/cookout where I swam and ate steaks and cheesecake. I came home to find a text from my friend that said "Barnes and Noble in Freehold NJ had sold out of LIPSTICK APOLOGY" I was too stunned to speak. I texted back, "what did they have just one copy?" But no, she said there were several. Honestly, such exciting news. As a debut author my biggest fear is that the books won't sell. So what a fabulous way to start this whole new journey.

Thanks to everyone who cheered me on and supported me and helped promote the book. You guys mean the world to me.