August 24th, 2009

Two book signings down...

Whoo, it's been a busy few weeks since the debut of Lipstick Apology. All fun and exciting, but busy, none the less. I promise to post pictures of my signing in Atlanta when I actually find the time to download the pictures, but in the meantime - a quick round up of what I've learned from the last few weeks.
1. Do not let your baby's grubby little hands and sharp fingernails near your face in the days leading up to any event. She will, for the first time in 15 months, suddenly notice you have a beauty mark on your face. And she'll try to grab it and remove it and you'll be left with a disgusting black scab where the brown mole used to be.
2. Do not assume you know how to repair jewelry. Even if you "have to have the necklace" because it "makes the outfit" I promise you, the scotch tape might hold the strands in place, but the ends of your hair will snarl up in the tape and you will spend the entire night craning your neck to untangle your hair and you will look like you have a crazy tic.
3. Do put someone on strict camera duty. Do not assign your husband. For him, camera duty will no doubt mean - hold the camera and don't lose it. He will not at all realize you intended for him to take more than two or three pictures. And your publicist who specifically asked for pictures will not have many options.
4. Enjoy. A debut book only comes once in a lifetime.
5. Finally, and most importantly, what I learned from the past three weeks is that I am so lucky to have so much support from family and friends. But even beyond friends - I'm so overwhelmed by the random optometrists who have contacted me, even driven to my signings just to support one of their own. Or the amazing community of writers/reviewers/bloggers - what a fabulous group of people! I can not believe the number of people I've only met once or twice who showed up to help celebrate. I vow not forget this feeling - one of being so grateful.