October 5th, 2009

No, I did not get to meet Elvis

I just returned from a four day trip to Memphis for my ten year reunion from Southern College of Optometry.  Put those calculators away, I'm not THAT old, it just sounds like a lot of years.  I promise everyone I saw there looked just as young and healthy as the day we walked through the doors of the Ivory Tower.  No one was using a walker or carrying a cane and there was only one or two comments about a sore hip and sadly, they came from me (it was a result of running, I swear, I'm not arthritic!)

It's so crazy what time does to perspective.  As we drove through downtown Memphis I couldn't believe how small the city looked.  And walking into the lecture hall where we sat for years, I kept insisting they must have put up a partition or somehow shrunk the room because it looked so tiny.  It was like when you return to your elementary school as an adult and marvel at the child size desks.  But I was 21 when I first attended SCO, not five!  But the halls of the school still held all the memories I hold so dear, after all this is where I met my husband.  And the Mighty Mississippi River was still grand and majestic.  Mud Island, where I lived for four years, was still as unique and pretty as I remebered.  And The Flying Saucer was still the awesome and rowdy pub where we made so many memories.

The greatest thing about the weekend, though, was reconnecting with old friends. There's such a bond with people you spend four very close knit years with.  And even though the conversations were no longer about test scores or patients at the clinic but about kids and jobs, still there was such a connection.  As the amazing John Mason (OD in Wilmington, NC if anyone needs an eye doc) said to me and my friend Jenny, "It was the three of us sitting alphabetical for all those years - Lovelidge, Maize, Mason - so there's so much comfort sitting here right now with you guys." Well said, John.

So when I got home the two things Sam wanted to know were - did I see the ducks at the Peabody.  Yes, I did. And did I get to meet Elvis?  Well, not exactly, I answered.  Right, Sam nodded. Because he's too busy singing on Daddy's radio all day long.  That's right, buddy, that's right.