October 30th, 2009

Borders signing in Bridgewater, NJ

It was pouring rain, there were several local Halloween parties and school sporting events and yet I was fortunate to have so many friends, family and even strangers come out to support me at my book signing in my hometown of Bridgewater, New Jersey. Thanks to everyone for braving the elements and especially to those friends who drove distances (one friend who drove three hours - thanks, Denny!)

Of course I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures, but I do have a few to share:

Here with great friends and neighbors from my old block, Kim and Christine:

With friends from high school: Jill, me, Lisa and Jen

Me with my best friend and sister, Jackie

Me with good friend, Katy

With awesome friend, Colleen, and her two adorable girls

My dad and Grandmother

And yes, for anyone who noticed, I seem to have a trend going. For all my book signings I've worn pink. It wasn't intentional, I swear, but after the first event everyone kept saying, 'oh, you match your book cover', and I guess I thought that was cool :) They HAVE been different shades, though! And next week in Charlotte, I think I'll bust out some purple, just to spice it up.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out to support me, helping me sell 45 copies! And thanks to the fabulous staff at Borders!