November 20th, 2009

New Moon

So today Twilight: New Moon releases (as if you didn't know that.) And according to the online ticket service Fandango, already it has outsold the biggest pre-sale ticket sales to date - Star Wars Phantom Menance.

I have a confession. I haven't seen the original Twilight movie. I've read the book, of course, but for some reason I just haven't had the desire to see the movie. The reviews I've heard are all over the spectrum with some friends telling me it was so awful and cheesy while others were so obsessed they were known to sneak into the back room at work just to watch a few scenes (you know who you are!) And some of these squealing fans are grown women - grandmothers!! But that Edward just got under their skin.

So I probably won't see New Moon. But I love what Stephanie Meyers has done - created a huge empire from a book. Anything that promotes reading is a winner with me.