December 28th, 2009

The House/Holmes Connection

Somehow through some mystical force of babysitter availability, I was able to see not one, but two movies over the holiday weekend. (Seriously, that's more than I've seen in six months.)

The first I saw was It's Complicated which I thought was hysterical and very entertaining. And even though Alec Baldwin was a bit of a snake in the grass, he was so charismatic and funny I couldn't help but love him.

The second movie I saw was Holmes. Now I've never read Sherlock Holmes so I while I was watching the movie, right from the beginning, I started noticing parallels between Sherlock and a certain doctor I know and love, Gregory House. By fifteen minutes into the movie my brain was sparking and sizzling (I'm surprised smoke wasn't steaming out of my ears) as I tallied evidence of the two character's similarities: There's the obvious - the names - Holmes, which sounds like Homes and House. The two sidekicks, Watson and Wilson. The extreme intelligence, the meticulous note of detail, the ambush of the sidekick's love life.... By the time my husband and I were exiting the theater I was bursting with revelation. My husband was equally impressed, 'nice deduction.' I felt so smart.

Of course when I plugged it into the computer about a billion hits showed up with this comparison that was noted way back from the inception of the TV show many years ago. Oh well. At least I picked up on it. Eventually.....