jenniferjabaley (jenniferjabaley) wrote,

A Contest!! Win stuff!!

The stars have aligned and somehow this week I received not one but two awesome book trailers for LIPSTICK APOLOGY. One was made by a friend of my agent and the other was made by a teen reader/blogger. So I'd like to propose...A BOOK TRAILER CONTEST!

Below are the two trailers. Watch both and pick which trailer you like best. Then copy and paste the link of your top choice on your blog, your Facebook page (as a status post - watch this trailer), you MySpace page - anywhere appropriate on the net.

Let me know where you've posted by inboxing me at Facebook or emailing me at

On Friday July 31 I'll take all the names of those who have reposted a trailer and let my five year old randomly select a winner.

Winner has choice of either $40 itunes giftcard, $40 B&N giftcard or the Get Pink'd Pink Lip Deluxe Sampler from Sephora (an $80 value)

Thanks for helping spread the book trailer love!
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