jenniferjabaley (jenniferjabaley) wrote,

I miss Chris Cuomo and The Jersey Shore is NOT a good thing

Good Morning America is my morning staple. Not that I sit and watch it all morning because I don't. The morning is when I get stuff done around the house, but GMA is usually on in the background until the kids find the remote and Dora takes over.

It's sad enough to say goodbye to Diane Sawyer who is, in my opinion, the epitome of class. But Chris Cuomo, too? That's just unfair. Not only is he nice to look at (sorry, but it's undeniable) but he's adorable. I love how he gushes about his children. I love how he drums his fingers with nervous energy. He's just a cutie. And now he's gone. BOO!!!

Finally. THE JERSEY SHORE. Okay, I did not intentionally watch this. I was rocking Izzie to sleep one night and flipping around the channels and I catch the title and see that it's filmed at Seaside where many, many a memory have been made for me. (I still remember walking the boardwalk with my girlfriends after my boyfriend and I broke up, but I digress) ANYWAY Oh, JERSEY SHORE. Seriously? Could you be anymore stereotypical? Could there be anymore hair product and giant muscles (and muscle shirts)? Do you KNOW how hard it is to live in the south and tell people I grew up in New Jersey? Do you KNOW how many times I've heard "Don't you mean New JOISEY?" Do you KNOW how many times people ask why my hair is not enormous and why I'm not rude? JERSEY SHORE, you are not making my life any easier.

Note to TV execs: New Jersey is not all about the guidos and the Sopranos.
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