jenniferjabaley (jenniferjabaley) wrote,

Dear Mr. Sandman

Dear Mr. Sandman,
Since we've returned from our trip little Izzie has slept all night long. For four nights in a row! Thank you for this marvelous treat, really you have no idea how much it has impacted my life and well being. I no longer require an entire pot of coffee in the morning - just one cup (okay, two). I no longer use a bottle of WhiteOut to try and mask my undereye circles (okay, still require some concealer, but not nearly as much). I no longer grab for carbs and sugar to give me an energy boost (okay, yes I do, but that's b/c I'm a sweet tooth, not because I necessarily needed the sugar rush).

So last night when you decided to throw me that little curveball called INSOMNIA while my kids were sleeping ... well, that's just cruel.

Mr. Sandman, tonight, sprinkle some dust and please, give me a dream.
Thank you.
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