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Some exciting news...

First of all, I've been terribly negligent in updating my blog. How these other people do it - take care of families, work jobs, write books and find the time for a blog, well, I need to have a sit down with them. But I do have some exciting news I want to share. First a little backstory:

Seven years ago I was at the summer conference for Georgia Optometrists at Kiawah Island. Every year they have a fancy banquet and awards ceremony but that year I opted to skip out on the shindig so I could hang out on the beach with my good friend. I hadn't seen her in a couple of years and was much more interested in catching up with her than sitting through a stuffy banquet. A few hours rolled by and my friend and I strolled into the hotel with sand on our feet and Pina Colada foam clinging to our lips when I quite literally bumped into the President of the Georgia Optometric Association. "Oh," he said, looking at my hot pink bikini with suspicion. "So you are here." He then proceeded to tell me that I had won an award - Young Optometrist of the Year for the state of Georgia - but obviously, had not been there to receive it.  WHOOPSY.  What does this say about me?  That for a reasonably intelligent person, sometimes I can act in a ditzy manner that earns me those jokes about my hair color. 

So flash forward to 2010.  A few weeks ago I received an email that let me know I had been nominated for Georgia Author of the Year in the Young Adult category for my book, Lipstick Apology.  Now I read that there were over 100 nominations for about eight awards, so I knew that the chances of actually winning was slim...but after my experience seven years ago, by God, at least I would be present.  So I bought a dress.  I hired a babysitter.  And Saturday night, Chris and I drove an hour down to the ceremony.  And what do you know?  I won.  :)

I found out that one of my all time favorite authors, Emily Giffin, won this award (in the adult fiction category) for her first book, Something Borrowed, and that made the honor even more special to me.

Look at that trophy? Isn't it beautiful? Chris and I decided that when my next book comes out in a year, we're going to fill that trophy up with champagne and drink from it. Because we're classy like that :)
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