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personality tests

On Friday an LJ friend of mine was discussing personality tests. This subject always intrigues me. So I thought, the laundry can wait, I'm going to follow the link and take it! (this is a Myers-Briggs test used commonly)

So my result: I'm ESFJ (Extravert Sensing Feeling Judging)
primary characteristics:
expressed extravert, traditional, organized, wants to control environment, values security, strong need to be liked, needs positive reinforcement, easily wounded, wears heart on sleeve, has a resuing/mothering drive

I have to say, this pretty much describes me to a tee.

well known ESFJs:
Bill Clinton (oooh, does this mean I could run the country?)
Nancy Reagan (quite a "rescuer" with her Just say No campaign)
Sally Field (I don't know her personally, but I really really like her)
Monica on Friends (now at first I thought, come on, I'm not that neurotic - but actually, Monica is quite a bit like my sister and everyone says me and my sister are like two peas in a pod...)
Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh.

good careers for ESFJ - care givers, health care, elementary education, administrator.
Since I'm a mother and an optometrist I'd say again, this is pretty accurate. But how is it that an extraverted mothering type enjoys writing so much?
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